11 February, 2009


Geert and the Dhimmis

First, Lord Ahmed, the Mullah of Rotherham, threatens to surround parliament with 10,000 howling blood-crazed savages if a proposed private showing of Geert Wilders' film Fitna goes ahead in the Lords. Their Lordships, suitably intimidated, back down and cancel.

Then one of their Lordships, Lord Pearson of Rannoch I believe, shows a bit of bottle and reissues the invite. Clearly the doddering old gents in the second chamber cannot be trusted to behave, so HMG steps in and bars Wilders from entering the country. Apparently they are afraid that the Offended Ones will forgather in the capital and humiliate our underresourced and ill-commanded policemen by chasing them through the streets once again.

Very low-key reporting on the BBC so far. A couple of one-line "and-incidentally" reports on the news. That's it.

Does HMG think that this action will promote understanding and peaceful "community relations"? Like hell it will. It's just one more pin stuck into the voodoo golliwog doll of British patience.

I give you fair warning, any triumphalist follower of the Cult of the Dead Pædophile who shouts Allahu Akbar! in my presence is likely to get one of my trained attack pigs set on him.

Correction (12 Feb)

In the original version of this post I suggested that Fitna was about Islamic attitudes to women. Of course in my senile way I was confusing it with Theo van Gogh's film. Fitna is about Jihadism, violent Islamist imperialism and the attitude of Muslims generally to the rest of us. Like all propaganda films it is melodramatic and hyperbolic, but clearly Islam at least has a case to answer. Watch it for yourself.

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