17 February, 2009


An almost enjoyable post...

... on Guardian Unlimited Talk*. At least until the po-faced tendency turned up.

About the wonderful Charlotte Green, the only woman in the country who can make "Dogger, Fisher, German Bight" sound like an invitation to a very, very dirty weekend.

* Get it while it's still hot. GUT threads tend to last only days before the moderators delete them, more or less at random. Not exactly an archival resource, GUT. Which is a shame. 99% of it is a foul-mouthed juvenile shouting match between on the one side people whose political maturity seems to have frozen somewhere between the sixth form (or whatever it's called now) and the know-it-all first-year stage at university and on the other side a group of minor right-wing trolls who don't seem to realize that they are being kept on as pets to be abused and reviled for the others' amusement. But just occasionally there are sensible posts on there worth reading if not "cutting out and keeping".

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