04 January, 2009


Link du jour

From the man who had the guts to write this — the great Kevin Myers is spot on as ever.

No real analysis in either of Myers's articles, just saloon bar windbaggery.

There are a few areas of England which might warrant the description 'colony', notably parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire where Pakistanis are constructing their own parallel societies.

London isn't one of those areas though, because a colony is typically a monoethnic enclave. London more resembles a vast airport lounge, with just about every nation in the world represented.

In the article on Ethiopia, Myers correctly identifies high and unsustainable fertility rates as a fundamental problem, but is curiously unable to recommend the obvious and humane long-term solution. Perhaps Myers has some latent Catholic aversion to advocating contraception?

One of the best ways to help Africa is to support the distribution of contraceptives and family planning education/propaganda. Many African countries are basket-cases, but not all are. Those which have the best governance and the most stable societies tend also to show the most rapid falls in birthrates.

For an informed view touching on the issue of Ethiopia and birth-rates, see this: http://www.populationaction.org/blog/2008/12/we-farmers-dont-have-access.html.

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