21 December, 2008


That's not very politically correct, is it?

So I'm travelling back to base on the train. Four young White women are in the next seating bay. In their twenties, in appearance and sound English middle-class and educated, more Blackheath than Woolwich, but you get the point.

And one pipes up and says, "Johannesburg? If you keep your head down you won't get shot."

Maybe the guys at South Africa Sucks have a point after all.

(Oh, and T-Mobile broadband is fucked again. Five DNS failures in a row before each URL loads is really not acceptable, guys. Get your fucking act together. Nor, frankly, do I appreciate having to do a gratuitous reload of an irrelevant static URL to reassure myself that the connection is present before pressing "Publish" on this post.

In November your entire network went off the air due to a database failure. At the beginning of this month us PAYG monkies were erroneously charged at some per kilobyte rate that would be just about acceptable for a call from the fucking Moon. This took nine days to sort out, during which Mobile Broadband was effectively off the air. Get it fucking sorted!)

(Very high swearing level in this post, I regret to say, almost approaching DK's self-indulgent standards, but regrettably necessary in this case, even for one of my startlingly extensive lexical resources (stop boasting, Edwin, even if it's true), in order to express my annoyance with T-mobile. When it works, it's excellent and far preferable to dealing, directly or indirectly, with the likes of BT. I get the impression that T-Mobile has started to commit heavily to the outsourcing/offshoring route. If that is so, the "benefits" are beginning to show.)

Edwin, that is the problem we are facing in the good old SA!
You guys in the UK do not know what is hapening and if you hear something like that, you do not want to believe it!
We have a genocide on hand!
Believe what you read on SAS.
It is factual.

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