21 December, 2008


God give me strength

The steam wireless (aka BBC Radio 4) is on in the background as I get my morning Internet fix and reflect sombrely on what our benighted Government will find to sell off next. T-Mobile broadband seems to working again this morning; at least it has stopped dropping 50% or more of packets somewhere between here and the transparent proxy.

I am half listening to Sunday Worship, as it is currently called. Today a surprisingly Anglican-sounding service is coming from the Albany Road Baptist Church in Cardiff and my ears perk up in disbelief at one line from the current prayer:
Oh God who appeared to the socially-excluded shepherds...

I kid you not. And as the celebrant bangs on about refugees, I offer my own small prayer: Oh Lord in Whom I do not believe, give me strength to get through this day. Help me resist the urge to go down to the local Lee Jasper Memorial Drop-in, Self-Awareness and Consciousness-Raising Centre for Unemployed Single-Parent Disabled Black Lesbians and spray-paint rude words on the wall.

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