17 January, 2008


London Life

I was passing a Chinese herbal medicine emporium. Outside was an advert for something called Herbal Viagra, illustrated by a two-pane cartoon. In the first pane a group of people were being menaced by a tank, presumably a Tiananmen Square reference, while one of the group threw something pill shaped into the open hatch. In the second pane, the gun barrel of the tank was pointed firmly skywards, away from the "protesters".

As I was admiring this welcome piece of wit, and wondering whether to take a photograph of it, a Chinee emerged from the shop in the hopes, one presumes, of selling me some of this wonder potion. As the News of the World used to say, I made my excuses and left.

Five minutes later I was accosted, walking along Shaftesbury Avenue, by an elderly Indian gentlemen, whose card described him as a "Yogi", although whether Bear or Berra was not clear. He offered to tell my fortune.

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