02 December, 2007


A rainy day in London town

This morning in the Metrolops it's drizzling while it makes its mind up whether to rain properly; it's chilly going on cold; and there is a gusting wind adding to the chill factor and general unpleasantness.

When I went down to the station, I was dressed in a hooded anorak and waterproof boots (plus the usual other items, I hasten to add lest I conjure up in the mind of the reader images of the Blagdon Amateur Rapist). There on the station were the Nigerians, dressed in their finest Sunday-go-to-meeting pyjama suits, tiptoeing in unsuitable shoes round the huge puddles that form on the platform at the slightest excuse.

Are these people rather hardier than I have given them credit for; or are they just extremely thick?

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