28 November, 2007


English as she is spoke

(1) Heard on the London Underground. "Due to necessary engineering works, service is suspended between Earls Court and Mansion House on the District Line." (Or whatever stations and line it actually was.)

Should this be taken to imply that TfL periodically requests unnecessary engineering works, just for the hell of it?

(2) Observed on the pump clip of a guest beer. "Tasting notes: orangey with hints of almonds and roses; dry palate; long finish" (or something very similar -- I write from befuddled memory). Who writes this pretentious crap? I've drunk Deuchars (for such it was) and it just tastes like bitter to me. Actually if I was going to say anything about Deuchars, I would comment on its unpleasantly thick texture. Like Tetley's or Sam Smith's Old Brewery. it tastes as if it contains a fine suspension of sand.

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