04 November, 2006


Damage limitation

Something is going on.

My previous post referred to a surprising, nay startling, London Evening Standard piece by Alibhai-Brown, in which she condemns the media imbalance in the reporting of White-on-Black versus Black-on-White violent crime, with a sideswipe at Black victimism to boot.

More of the same this week. In a longer and more prominent piece on Thursday, Alibhai-Brown grovels sickeningly and at length, apologizing for her tasteless and petulant outburst last year against Remembrance Day and the wearing of the Remembrance Poppy.

Earlier in the week, Nirpal Dhaliwal, the Standard's resident Angry Young Wog, banged on about mixed (ie interracial) marriages, and took a swipe at the racist attitudes of Black and South Asian relatives to mixed marriages, while praising the comparatively relaxed attitude of Whites to the phenomenon.

OK, Dhaliwal is a self-important and shallow little prick of little consequence, but taking these pieces together with, for example, Trevor Phillips' repeated recantations of the multicultural creed, I wonder if we are seeing something of a sea change. Are the BME commentariat beginning to catch on to the changing mood of the indigenous population of the UK who are not only fed up of being abused and blamed for everything bad or even mildly disagreeable that happens to the immigrant 'communities', but are no longer willing to accept that abuse and blame in shame-faced, cowed silence?

In short, they see that the game is up and damage limitation is in force. Bring it on!

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