08 May, 2005


Paxo and Gorgeous George

I am clearly not alone in harbouring a grudging sympathy for the repellant Galloway's response to Paxman's line of questioning? The subtext of Paxo's question was: "Mr Galloway, you have shamelessly exploited the racism of your proposed constituents by playing on the race of your opponent -- we're not supposed to say this but Asians don't like blacks, even half-blacks -- and her ancestral religion -- Muslims most definitely are not keen on Jews, even half-Jews."

But what Paxo actually said, repeatedly, was
Mr Galloway, are you proud of having got rid of one of the very few black women in parliament?
What sort of damned question is that? Taken at any approximation to face value, it says, you shouldn't have stood against Ms King 'cos she's female and black, and female black MPs are a protected species. I would have bridled at that question. Paxo was too much in love with his own rhetoric, and IMAO cocked up the interview.

Paxman has crossed the line between no-nonsense interviewing and vanity-inspired rudeness.

I don't mind seeing a politician roasted by pertinent, searching questions but we learn nothing from a Sun-like character assasination.

Like The Weakest Link and a host of other 'reality' tv shows, Paxman panders to the tastes of those who just like a bit of a verbal punch-up. I have little time for Galloway but there were other ways to interogate him...


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