12 March, 2014


Tales from the Multiculture: Integration?

Spotted this arvo in vibrant downtown Woolwich,

My skills in reading Arabic script are a bit limited (ie non-existent).  So, taking a punt in the dark, I'm going to guess that it says something like "Ahmed and Fatima".

The question is, should I be celebrating the fact that the wogs are at least partially integrating into the indigenous chav culture?  Or should I be bemoaning the neo-colonial defilement and pollution of their own kultcha?


Superb! :)

He has a Blue Disabled badge displayed. I wounder ?

It says 'ma sha' Allah', an Arabic phrase meaning literally 'what Allah wills' and used by all Muslims to exclaim amazement or surprise at an event or occurrence deemed exemplary of theological determinism...as in: "Al-hamdu lillah (praise be to Allah)! The government never gave us a free council house and paid all our bills in Mogadishu, Aisha. Ma sha' Allah! They've even stretched to a new 40" Smart TV!"

You have obviously never travelled in a Muslim society. Every vehicle has appeals to Allah stuck to or painted on it: considering the roads and optional rules of the aforesaid, everyone is grateful to arrive in one piece!

Thanks to Anon at 00.59 for the correct translation. I had it down as "I love goats".

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