03 October, 2013


This post sort-of intentionally left almost blankish

Neko-san's most recent post at the time of writing


is a placeholder for a post he had published, then had second thoughts about in the light of subsequent delevopments and discreetly withdrew.

The present post is a placeholder for a more mundane and unworthy reason.  I was in the process of drafting my latest solution to the world's problems, or tedious delusional rant as you may prefer, when the Internet had a funny half hour.  When sanity eventually resumed, the post remained in the drafts folder but notification of its publication had already, incorrectly, escaped onto the RSS feeds.

Apologies for the confusion.  Never trust a technology you can't repair with a well-aimed kick.

Mind you, I remember once, in a sudden access of entirely uncharacteristic and unwonted frustration, I slammed my desk drawer shut with extreme prejudice.  It was a well-engineered metal drawer which hit the limit of its travel with a very satisfying and very loud noise which made me feel much better.  Simultaneously all the lights in the office went out and every computer in the large, open-plan office powered down.  Colleagues insist the timing was coincidence.  I know different. 

Normal service will be resumed in due course.

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