08 September, 2013


The EDL in - or almost in - Tower Hamlets

An interesting reportback from Esme on yesterday's EDL gig on the very marches of the Islamic Republic of Tar Amlets.

From Tower Bridge and back

Well worth a gander. It's also worth noting, as Esme mentions in another post, that reports that

More than 160 arrested at EDL Tower Hamlets march

in the ever-impartial Sindy is spin by omission.  The 160 arrested were in fact from the hordes of the Self-Righteous and not from the EDL. 

To explain this embarrassing anomaly by recourse to stereotype.  The Righteous are pampered middle-class White mummy's boys who believe their political violence doesn't cause actual harm and is in any case justified by the Rightness of their Cause, so how dare the police arrest them; while the EDL are drunken lowlife chavscum who are familiar with the ways of the Old Bill and know how to behave in their presence.

Fact o' life, innit.

Were it not for the EDL those Oxfordshire rape gangs would still be at large. What the EDL has given to certain young women is a gift that will echo down the generations. I can't say the same about naive lefty suburbanites.

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