05 March, 2013


The creepiness of Wikipedia

Just listening to the newsreader on The World Tonight literally a couple of minutes ago (about 22:07) as I write.  She intones:
In the last few minutes the death has been announced of Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela.
or words to that effect. So I turn immediately to Wikipedia, where I find that Mr Chávez' entry has already been updated to record his death.

Damned impressive no doubt, but curiously creepy at the same time.

"In the last few minutes" is media-speak for a while ago. Lefties who prop up Pikiwedia are quick to update their favourite pages, though any media source has a long list of obits always ready to go.

I worked in newspapers once and there were lots of 'specials' in the pipeline waiting to roll off the presses if some member of royalty died. They were routinely updated and I imagine when Lizzy had that stomach upset there would be many renewed 'polishings' of the pages.

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