22 December, 2012


Shrdlu wept

You get used to tedious solecisms that yer average spillchucker doesn't pick up, like lead as the past tense of the verb to lead and those old favourites their for there and it's  for its (and versy vysa of course — let there be symmetry in everything).  You get used to hypercorrections like between you and I which still grates on me.  You simply shake your head sadly at the howlers that slip through the alleged copy-editing processes of supposedly serious newspapers; after all, they have no money and must perforce outsource to Shakespeare's Monkeys Inc and preserve their core journalistic effort for, well, reading other newspapers and nicking stories.

The misspelling loose for the verb lose is now so common "below the line" that I can see it getting into dictionaries as an acknowledged if deprecated alternative spelling quite soon.  But this, in a presumably proof-read advertisement for a reputable company,

is a step beyond acceptability.

The Mayans weren't wrong; it's just a more gradual process than they expected.

I mean, like, Gordon H Kryste, innit.

But it makes perfect sense. "Never loose email [upon the world] again [by inadvertently hitting 'reply all']". That is what they're selling, right? Software that will save you from such missive mishaps?

Oh. Archiving. I see. Best loose that editor.

Dear god, if even the advertisers can't proofread properly..!

DAMN! They have corrected it here...: http://www.mailstore.com/en/mailstore-server.aspx

Just as I was about to start asking them very sarcastic questions re their intelligence.

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