29 August, 2012



Bexley father arrested after driving boy accused of
shooting his son to police station

Oh yes?

A father who drove a teenager to Bexleyheath police station for shooting his 12-year-old son with a BB gun was arrested and thrown in a cell for seven hours.

Stuart Pettman, of Bexley Village, was arrested on August 19 by four officers in front of his 14-year-old daughter and had his fingerprints, photos and DNA taken.

Perhaps he said something to upset the policemen. Easily done.

The 43-year-old was trying to get justice for his son Oliver who had been shot with a BB gun the day before after being confronted by a group of youths in Bexley's Golden Acre Park.

And do we know anything about these, er, youths?

Mr Pettman told News Shopper: "One of them called Oliver racist.

Hmm. Well here's young Olly:

So then we must be dealing with Youths Of Implicit Appearance.

"Oliver said he wasn't racist but the boy shot him in the leg and asked 'did that hurt?'.

"When Oliver said no, he shot him in the back and asked 'did that hurt?'.

"He told Oliver to kiss his feet and when he refused he shot him point blank in the head.

Well, it has to be said: that is jolly uncordial.

After reporting the incident to police, the businessman decided to cheer up his son by taking him for a meal - but while driving through Bexley Village they spotted the youth who had shot Oliver.

Mr Pettman said: "I was very angry and grabbed him by his shirt and told him to get in the car and that I was taking him to the police station.

"I did shout because I wanted to shock him but shouting and swearing is not against the law."

Ah, the police were unhappy because of a demarcation issue. They were supposed to do that bit. Assuming they ever caught up with the "youth".

During his interview the boy alleged Mr Pettman had assaulted him and had a hack saw blade with him - which turned out to be Mr Pettman's keys.

Perfectly understandable. All a matter of which everyday objects one is most familiar with.

Mr Pettman has decided to move his family to Singapore following the ordeal.

He said: "This is just typical of broken Britain and I have had enough.

"I work hard, I don’t break the law, I’m polite, I try to do the right thing all the time and they treated me like a criminal."

I sympathize. But a bit drastic, to be honest.

Sarcasm apart, one worrying thing I take from this incident is the tendency of toerags of colour to reach automatically for the race card. OK, we know only what is directly reported in the News Shopper piece about the behaviour of Mr Pettman and his son, but I am going to make the assumption that Oliver did not in fact do or say anything to justify an accusation of racism. Outnumbered by a group of Youths of Implicit Appearance, that would have been foolish and the consequences probably rather more unpleasant.

If that is the case, then he was presumably accused of racism simply for being White. Forty years of official antiracism has taught "people of colour" who were born or at least educated in this country that they are victims and that their victimhood is the fault of White people. Whitey is to blame and anything you do to him is justified retribution.

If that attitude doesn't change, it's going to get "interesting" when this becomes a White minority country. The Righteous might like to start looking for a nice white country to escape to, or investing in bulk supplies of tanning lotion, or failing all that praying hard for the actual emergence of the choc-ice nation their fantasies are based on.

The righteous are already moving. Ben Elton hit Oz long ago - and lefty bloggers John Band and the guy who writes Hagley Road to Ladywood (a pretty enriched journey these days) have also emigrated there.

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Within living memory, Bexley was a byword for safe, net-curtained suburbia - like Croydon and Ealing were.

[Reposted] Originally posted by Anonymous to Dogwash at 29 August, 2012 20:27


Not forgetting Billy Bragg, the multi-kulti-klass-warrior of, er, deepest whitest Dorset.

[Reposted] Originally posted by Anonymous to Dogwash at 29 August, 2012 22:49

I lived in London for about five years. That was more than enough. Such a relief to be away from there. A depressing place to live and work. It was always a great sensation to be leaving, either rushing down the runway on a departing aircraft, turning off the M25, or to be seated on a train pulling out of London Euston.

To be fair I was never a Londoner, only there for work. A friend of mine, born and bred in London. His family had been there for many generations, he left too. He's only in his early 40s, but insisted that the city he grew up in has utterly transformed in the past couple of decades. He has experienced many of the 'joys' of multiculturalism at first hand. He now has a young family and was determined not to raise his children in what he says has become a hostile, dangerous and culturally corrosive environment.

Just like Billy Bragg, but intellectually honest.

[Reposted] Originally posted by Lord Beermonster to Dogwash at 30 August, 2012 12:59

I live in what was a fairly white suburb but night is slowly falling. Maybe another 5 years then It'll be time to move.

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Dont fret,this will never be a country where whites are are a minority,it will kick off big time before that happens.
We`re almost there already.

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