05 July, 2012


The wisdom of the subtitling computer

I was watching the weather forecast on the BBC's Breakfast programme on the laptop. As it goes, instead of listening to cuddly Carol Kirkwood's gentle highland burr I had the sound muted and was following the subtitles. (Us blokes can multitask too, tha knows. I was trying to follow some bollocks on the Today programme at the same time.)

Anyway, the subtitles relayed
There will be a moggy start to the day.
Does that mean that it will be hot and humid, or is this a cute way of saying it's going to rain cats and dogs?

I think we should be told.

Perhaps it means that the cat will wake you early to be fed.

I see a lot of howlers on subtitles. Homonyms give them the most trouble, as you'd expect, but last night's reality police series (on the Beeb, I think) had cops chasing after a dodgy looking Porsche Cayenne.

Or as the subtitles called it, a 'Porsche KN'.

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