03 July, 2012


The rioting season: a haruspex writes

According to the joint Guardian/LSE study, Reading the Riots, the police fear a repeat of last year's riots in England. To what extent this energetic hand-wringing might be driven by politicking about staff cuts, I couldn't possibly comment, but the timing of the news report is somewhat inauspicious.

Remember the Great Harry, Wetherspoon's outpost in beautiful vibrant downtown Woolwich, burnt out during the 2011 rioting season,

Refitting of the building is now complete and the pub is scheduled to re-open next Tuesday, 10 July.

So all we need now is for some more hot weather and for CO19 to shoot another half-caste drug dealer somewhere in London without his mother's permission (or whatever the beef was last time).

And off we go again.

It could become a tourist attraction, tha knows. Happy-snapping Chinese tourists in armoured buses watching the rioting and the looting, leading up to the closing ceremony in General Gordon Place of the Torching of the Spoon.

Makes yer prahd, dunnit.

There will be no riots, no matter how demanding the dire pressures of Thatcherism (at least, according to many lefties), if it keeps on raining like this.

Rioters generally prefer nice weather. Rain, as they say, is the best policeman.

Also, something worth stealing in the shops helps too. The latest fashions are so, well, not worth pinching.

Haruspex....... thanks for that. Had to Google it, and well worth the effort. I've met a few of those over the years.

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