30 July, 2012


It's the Internet wot made me do it, yer honour

Well, not really, but it's amazing where you end up.

I was penning a comment to Julia's latest post on false rape allegations when I found myself reflecting on the potential use of male chastity devices with the keys held by some legally trusted third party like say a solicitor as a preemptive defence against rape allegations.

As you do.

A swift google leads me to the Chastity belts for men page, where I learn that some of their "devices" are supplied with

Five (5) individually numbered plastic locks that allow the "wearer" to go through metal detectors without setting off any alarms.

Coo-er. Puts security checks in a whole new light, dunnit? Mind you, the unavoidable trouser bulge could be a bit embarrassing.

As long as they don't through that body scanner at Manchester airport. Could be very embarrasing!

Do many would-be-rape-accusation-avoiders (technical term) go through airport security often?

Though perhaps the babes on Hot Pussy Airlines are utterly irresistible and best to take every precaution.

Funny caption bringing back the 'trust' in a relationship....in the case of infidelity?!

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