09 June, 2012


How do they know?

On a Wetherspoons poster, I espied:

So how do they work this, then? Do the fishermen keep the tunafish alive long enough to interrogate them?

Fisherman: So, how do you get on with the dolphins then, mate?
Tunafish: Dolphins? Diamond geezers the lot of 'em, guvnor!
Fisherman (shouts): Another one for Wetherspoons, Pedro.

Bloody clever feller, that Tim Martin.

Solve the problem Eat dolphin.

Nah, probably tastes like chicken.

No. It tastes like a fishy belly pork. Or a pig that has been fed too much Tuna.

You think when we "caught" them in the cod nets at sea, we threw them back???

Whale is lovely, so I imagine dolphin is pretty good too.

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