15 May, 2012


Why is this news?

Apparently, during Manchester City's victory parade celebrating its accession to league champion status, that nice Mr Carlos Tevez briefly held aloft a banner reading


Mildly distasteful, no doubt, but all part of the rough-and-tumble of football rivalry, surely.

And yet the Man City hierarchy has felt in necessary to issue an apology and, as I write, the "incident" is being reported in BBC World Service news bulletins.

Are we all becoming hypersensitive wimps, ever on the look-out for the opportunity to take umbrage? I suppose we ought to be thankful that Alec Ferguson is not a Black man, otherwise there would have been riots in Piccadilly Gardens, looting in St Ann's Square and questions in the House.

It certainly is a stupid, mildly humorous, non-event of a story.

But Tevez did at least get the right number of full stops :-)

Aargh! Symmetry triumphs over orthography, innit?

I gather someone handed the Argie a home-made placard, which amused him.

It's all the fan's fault.

But perhaps to avoid upset all clubs should apologise for their fans, at least once a week. After all, a supporter might offend someone with their chants or even their thoughts...

"or even their thoughts"

Remember when your mother used to say, "And wipe that look off your face when you talk to me!"?

That's going to be the next hate crime -- looking at a minority person with an unacceptable look on one's face.

The BBC still haven't got over Suarez refusing to shake hands with that Man U chap...

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