09 May, 2012


White men do it too, so that's alright then

I did draft a rant about the massive whataboutery operation mounted in response to yesterday's conviction of nine "Asian" men for what is now apparently known as on-street grooming. (Which is a good sign. If they've got a name for it, there's some chance they will begin to recognize its existence. Words are important.)

Apparently White men do it too and the "Asian" men weren't being racist anyway, it's just that the semi-naked young White sluts were out there asking for it and all the chaste young muslimas were safely locked up indoors, innit.

The desperate logic chopping of the liberal conspirators and others was both impressive in its fervor and frankly offensive.

But I was beginning to sound like a blend of Jai the Prolix from the old Pickled Politics blog with added expletives supplied by Obo. So I've ditched most of the puce prose and leave you instead with this thought:

There is one person who hasn't been namechecked by the commentators in the general desperation to sweep this under the carpet: Sir William Macpherson of Cluny.

Yesterday, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood of the GMP was bleating, in response to media questioning about the police's extraordinarily slow response to the grooming problem, that, "It was something we hadn't encountered before; we didn't recognize the nature of the crime." (I paraphrase from memory.)

Possibly, Steve, possibly. ex-DS Mick Gradwell, commenting a year ago, offers a different perspective.

Former Det Supt Mick Gradwell said it was an issue that had been clear for many years and needed to be addressed.

He said investigations into the sexual exploitation of children had suffered because of political sensitivity.

"I know that police officers know what they're saying is true, but they're not coming out and saying it because you can't feel comfortable, because of allegations of institutional racism, that you can come out and say that a culture or a race is suspected of this sort of crime.

"If there were people who frequented a particular public house, who were going out and doing things, you would target that particular trend," he said.

"There is without doubt a trend, as Mr Straw says, in a small number of men of Pakistani origin, who regard young, white girls as easy meat."

[My emphasis]

The Macpherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence introduced the amorphous sin of institutional racism into British working life, both in the public and private sectors. Actually that's not entirely accurate. Nervousness at the danger of being perceived as racist has infested the institutional and corporate environments for all of the 40 years of my working life. It's nothing new, but Macpherson refined it and gave it its particular power by turning it into a named but unconscious crime: counterrevolutionary thought, the malign outcome of erroneous cultural conditioning, creeping unbidden into the citizen's mind and to be diligently challenged at all times.

So deep has the new regime penetrated that the police have exchanged their earlier rough-and-ready but essentially honest approach for an absolute terror of causing offence to members of protected groups, above all to ethnic minorities. Faced with evidence of what pragmatically we must recognize as racist behaviour by Browns against Whites, the police have fought shy of acknowledging and acting upon it.

Macpherson, in my view, bears considerable responsibility for that state of affairs. I know you were only obeying orders, Billy boy, but ever thought of acknowledging your shame and at the very least handing back your K?

And finally, to savour with your cheese, biscuits and coffee, here's an interesting if slightly off-topic little titbit. In the CiF article linked to above, there was this exchange. I can't entirely vouch for it because the origal comment from Richietude and the reply from PaulJB have long since been "moderated"; they survive only in the further replies of others. Nonetheless,

PaulJB, 8 May 2012 7:13PM

Response to Richietude, 8 May 2012 7:07PM who wrote:
The true cost of multiculturalism.

Without the often sweated labour of the decent majority of Black and Asian people where the fuck do you think this country would be right now ? If you think it would be better then you're an idiot as well as a bigot.

Hmm. I leave you to reflect not just on the whataboutery potential of that, but also on the attitude of PaulJB and those like him towards White people. "Is this Wog annoying you, madam?" "Yes, officer, as it happens, but no matter — they deserve it because they work so hard."

We'll end up like Kosovo Serbs in the long run.

We'll end up like Kosovo Serbs in the long run.

The full panoply of the leftist arsenal was out yesterday ; 'white men do it too' ; 'not true Moslems' (shurely Asians?); 'it was only because girls from their community are less likely to be in care' ; 'they're simple farming stock' and a host of other whatabouteries.

Lord knows what they'll come up with if the Oxford trial (and others to come) pitch up with a guilty verdict.

If anything tells us that our new friends from the tribal areas think so little of us, it is the whole grooming issue. Of course, cynics say that the RoP's own kids are locked away under a repressive culture (or even some sewn up, as per instructions from their god) so naturally they turn to what's available. They also say that they didn't mean to, they don't understand our strange Brit ways, there was nothing on TV that night...

Unfortunately whatever the excuses, it keeps on happening because, well, our newly arrived compatriots actually don't think it matters that these girls are used by them. (Curious though how this cult forbids alcohol but its adherents are pretty good at buying it for parties)

Now I know this will make me unpopular and bring on cries of racism, etc, but I really think the best advice we can give to people in those poorer areas who voted Labour and have been sadly sold out by their favourite political party's policy of unfettered immigration-without-caring is:

Keep your kids away from muslims.

"The full panoply of the leftist arsenal was out yesterday ; 'white men do it too' ; 'not true Moslems' (shurely Asians?); 'it was only because girls from their community are less likely to be in care' ; 'they're simple farming stock' and a host of other whatabouteries."

Most egregious post by far must be Mary Dejevsky it the 'Indy': "Who can really blame them, we women are such dirty sluts in the West"...

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