18 May, 2012


Clever boy, Fido

From the wonderful News Shopper, my local paper.

Bloody clever these police dogs. Not sure I'd trust one with a Glock, though.

This being the News Shopper of course, the article is illustrated with an image from the paper's inexhaustible library of gratuitously irrelevant images. In this case,

a random photograph of part of the side of a police patrol car. I wonder if these images are selected automatically by a text matching algorithm.

Oh, hold on. From the caption to the gratuitous photograph (why there?), we learn that

So maybe Fido wasn't so clever after all. He was supposed to bury the culprit, not Taser him.

I tell you straight, the country's going to the... Hmm, perhaps not.

Truly a LOL post!



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