27 April, 2012



The Gate Clock is the Wetherspoon "outlet" in Greenwich, or Royal Greenwich as the place is now called.  The Gate Clock is a pleasant enough boozer, attracting an interesting afternoon mix of scruffy retired old gits like me, families with young children, bemused looking tourist groups, and students.  Sounds ghastly, innit, but it actually works quite well.

So I'd taken shelter there out of the rain the other day (honest!) and was partaking of a glass of Russian lager beer and staring into the middle distance, earwigging the conversation of a group of students at the next table.  A mixed bunch from various genders and ethnicities.

Then one girl spoke up, "X [referring presumably to someone not present] is gay.  I wish I had a gay friend."  Then she actually sighed.

I'm having trouble getting my head round that.  Does she have a mental points system?  Or does she go so far as to have a "friends board" with coloured flag pins (pink for gay, brown for Asian, etc) in her room?

Ever wondered why they had eunuchs to attend to the upper class bimbos in ye olden times? Now you really know.

Perhaps she wanted some styling tips, or interior decoration ideas?

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