13 February, 2012



Ali Dizaei guilty of corruption at retrial

Scotland Yard commander Dizaei will never wear police uniform again after being convicted unanimously at his retrial of misconduct and perverting the course of justice.

This has really cheered me up.

Good news! Frankly I am astonished.

Shurely shome mishtake. He is one of the preferred people, is he not? How can he be guilty of anything in our new, brave multi-culti society?

I demand he be found innocent and awarded large dollops of cash as a thank you for being here.

:D Three years! Does he serve them all, I wonder?

He's a victim of institutional racism. He said so, so it must be true.

What pisses me off about this nasty git is that he is Persian. Ergo he is not of another race to we Caucasians. So why was he boss of the Black Police Organisation? he isn't black. He got a shed load of compensation by playing the race card and not once was it pointed out he was not of a different race to his white superiors who he alleged were racially discriminating against him. Is he going to say this latest cort case was a racist plot?

Please excuse my typos. I'm not really illiterate!

"So why was he boss of the Black Police Organisation? he isn't black."

The MetBPA uses the "political" definition of "Black", which basically means anyone who isn't White North European. IIRC, you can be counted as Black for BPA purposes even if you're a Wop or a Dago, provided you've got a decent permatan and a permanent 5 o'clock shadow.

"...a decent permatan and a permanent 5 o'clock shadow."

Well, that last one is downright discriminatory to any female police officers who might want to joing, and...

*looks at a few women police officers*

.... Never mind.

Dizaei Rascal.

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