09 February, 2012


What's the Italian for Schadenfreude?

James Naughtie speaking of the departure of Fabio "Posh Specs" Capello on this morning's Today programme:

He can't speak English. He couldn't communicate properly with the players or with the public.

Hmm. That's jolly discriminatory, if I may say so, Jim. Not speaking English doesn't seem to be regarded as a hindrance for most immigrants.

The wee Scots puffball then goes on to assert that the semi-detached Capello was out of touch with British sentiment and sensibility over l'affaire John Terry. If you say so, Jimmy bhoy. I'd say he happened to be more in sympathy with British feeling on the matter than the monkeys at the FA, but there you go.

Altogether now, there's only one Fabio Capello.

Good fun, this, innit?

This John Terry thing is trivia nonsense. A court case FFS over a few ill chosen words. Sticks and stones etc....

Precisely - taken to its logical conclusion every football match (or indeed proper contact sport) would become a legislative minefield.

What's so special about a verbal playground spat ?

Nice to see the FA's pre-convicted Terry before the defence has even left the subs bench though.

Will it be possible to find jurors who haven't heard about Terry's pre-trial sentencing ? Answers on a postcard to Shami Chucklebhatti.

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