15 February, 2012


Well I never!

The steam wireless (Radio 4 midnight news a few minutes ago) informs us:

A record number of racially- or religiously-motivated hate crimes were prosecuted last year.

Why doesn't that surprise me? You're going to have to build some more prisons, aren't you? Here's a suggestion. Fence off a few areas for the Righteous and declare the remainder of the country a huge open prison for all of us Unrighteous haters. Save an awful lot of money that way.

I'm still waiting to find out what falls under the banner of love-crime.


Given that all crime must involve some degree of hate, even if only I-hate-other-people-having-things-I-desire-and want-to-pinch, then I am surprised more isn't made of hate crimes generally. Indeed, the mutterings of the underclass is often they hate the cops for stopping them having fun.

But in time, I do foresee that while I may not truly hate, oh shall we say, a certain religion I admit I do dislike their pitiful posturing. Should there be an 'intense-dislike' crime on the books to deal with people like me who think not very much of said group and don't wish to associate with them?

How do they define a hate crime? And since when did holding a disparaging opinion about say Islam count as a crime? This is actually a very serious matter.

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