10 February, 2012


Tales from the Multiculture - Da'wah comes to Greenwich

And it came to pass, in the depths of winter and in the very shadow of the Cutty Sark DLR in the self-satisfied little town which is now yclept Royal Greenwich, that the sons of Allah set up their stall.

And the infidels ignored them, for the infidels were of the English race — well most of them anyway as were thereabouts — and such is the English custom when confronted with eccentric foreigners. And so it was that the faithful despaired and fell into full arselifting mode,

and prayed.

Unfortunately, their view of Mecca was blocked by the Spanish Galleon across the road, and so they found themselves praying to the English god Shepherd Neame instead.


I used to love visiting Greenwich. Pop in to the Mitre, browse the bookstalls in the market, walk in the park, pop into another pub, or two, but as of late Greenwich has become a home for beggars, three in fifty yards on my last visit.

Most of the local school population is African.

I ask myself; where the fuck are our own children?

RB Poplar


Actually, wasn't Greenwich an area that saw some rioting (or at least, was worried that it might) last summer?

It's quite close to some very unsavoury areas. Like....well, a lot of the nice parts of London.

What mayhem and high jinks would ensue if, while they had their eyes shut and were busy kissing tarmac, some passer-by pissed on their little stand?

Or, Sarky, even better - some passer-by's dog.

"What mayhem and high jinks would ensue if, while they had their eyes shut and were busy kissing tarmac, some passer-by pissed on their little stand?"

You'd probably find out how close the nearest plod rapid response unit was.
Unlike if you had a burglary, mugging, {insert list of genuine, non-thought-crimes here}.


It's the Roma Big Issue sellers that annoy me. They greet you individually like a long-lost old friend; it's very disconcerting. The interesting thing about the local secondary schoolkids is that by and large they stick together with their own ethnic group, White with White, Black with Black and of course the occasional Chinee who fits in unobtrusively anywhere.


There was some looting last August but it was all a bit half-hearted (pic1, pic2 of the aftermath on Church Street). It all seemed a bit half-hearted as if they were joining in to express solidarity rather than out of consumerist enthusiasm.

Not that there's much in Greenwich to appeal to your red-blooded young rioter. Most of the shop stock is arty-farty upper middle class stuff or tourist toot. Though they did have a go at the local mystic bong shop (diamante-encrusted plastic skulls and baccy tins painted with cannabis motifs).

Chap I was talking to in the pub suggested taking out some pork chops to the brethren as a sign of our appreciation, but at the Spanish Galleon's prices the entertainment budget wasn't big enough.

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