23 February, 2012


Captcha Shmaptcha

I have provisionally disabled the Captcha (formerly Word Verification) thingy. Let the spamming commence.

Actually I vaguely miss the spam, which was always successfully intercepted and quarantined by Blogger anyway. I wonder what new marvels it will now bring, as I lie here on my desert island, paid for through successful money-liberation operations in conjunction with my generous Nigerian partners, while I pleasure my harem of Russian trophy brides with my pharmaceutically enhanced six-foot penis.


You mean all that stuff actually works? And I'm just finding this out now? In my broken down caravan with my fat wife and little willy?


My spam trap caught 15 last night, and only let through 2. It's clearly getting better!

When I was a child I thought spam stood for 'specially prepared American meat' but the fritters were tasty, nonetheless.

Now I finally see that spam stands for Soviet Penis African Marriage.

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