23 February, 2012


Australian-style politics

I've always admired the Australian approach to parliamentary straightforwardness. None of this "I believe the Honorable Member for Much Thrusting might just possibly be guilty of a terminological inexactitude in this regard" bollocks. In Canberra, as I understand it, it's more "The Honorable Gentleman is a lying bastard" followed by an all-comers brawl on the floor of the House.

So it's at least entertaining to see Eric "Are you looking at me, Jimmy?" Joyce livening up the proceedings, if only outside the chamber,

Eric Joyce MP Suspended From Labour
After 'Headbutting" Brawl In Commons Strangers Bar

At least it adds a bit of pizzazz to the generally vapid theatre of our elective dictatorship.

Come on, Sunny-ji, I'm sure one of your regular contributors could rustle up a piece for LibCon rationalizing Mr Joyce's boorish behaviour away, à la Diane Abbott.

Tired and emotional...and Scottish.

He was clearly goaded into it because a nasty Tory had the audacity to reject the left's latest plans for social engineering via spend-spend-spend activities for the benefit of mass immigration.

You would too.

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