12 January, 2012


The oozlum bird spins yet faster

Sky Sports News:

Police are investigating chants aimed in the direction of Leicester City supporters by their East Midlands rivals Nottingham Forest.

They are treating the chants as a potential hate crime.

Nottinghamshire Police said it was investigating the "racist" chanting after a video-clip filmed during the club's FA Cup tie against Leicester was posted online.

The footage, thought to be from the early stages of last Saturday's 0-0 draw at The City Ground, shows Forest fans singing: "You used to be English, you're not any more."

This is getting surreal.

Commenting on the police inquiry on Twitter, some fans claimed the chant was a reference to Leicester's high ethnic minority population, while others suggested that it alluded to the Thai-led consortium which owns Leicester City.

Not that I know anything about futebol, but not being a race-hustler the latter explanation sounds more plausible to me. Dunno, who owns Notts Forest?

Hmm. The EDL are in Leicester in three weeks' time in support of Rhea Page. Just saying.

'Police are investigating chants aimed in the direction of Leicester City supporters by their East Midlands rivals Nottingham Forest.'

'Investigating' here, as in so many other instances, means police personnel trawling thru CCTV images in the warmth & comfort of the Police Station. Nice work if you can get it, given that you take home over £30k a year at the same time!

Like you Edwin I go with the 'latter explanation'. For the past couple of years Leicester City have been owned by the King Power consortium of Thai-Chinese businessmen, who own the duty free concessions at Thai airports. AFAIK Leicester City supporters are still predominantly white, even if the city itself is no longer of that complexion.

It's nonsense such as this that brings the police into disrepute. You used to be English but you're not anymore? How the wotsit beginning with F can that be racist? It obviously refers to the club ownership and it's true, isn't it? How can that be remotely racist?

It's getting to the point where the former East Germany looks like a beacon of contentment and free speech.

Obviously it's racist because one lot of supporters clearly don't like the colour of the other team's shirts. Such division leads to, well, bad feelings.

Questions will now be asked in parliament why all teams don't wear the same colour shirts.

I'd like to make a comment, but I'm afraid that if I say, "Hello, Edwin!", the British Stasi will discover some racist anagram and I will end up in jail.

So keeping schtum for now.

A quick textual analysis of the offending chant:

Racially perjorative epithets (the 'N'word, the 'P' word, etc): Zero

Racially perjorative similies or references (e.g.,to anthropoid simians, or indeed to the long yellow fruit beloved of those species): Zero

Racially perjorative colour references, because even the spectrum of visible light can be racist now, kiddies (i.e., "you mauve b*st*rd"): Zero

Apparently nowadays it's enough to
simply suggest that somebody is not English to invoke the wrath of the Anti-racist establishment.

Jesus Christ on a feckin bike.

Was it ever established who the 'you' was in the chant? It's a fair bet at least one person present in the stadium was not English, so that part would be accurate. Perhaps some of the crowd knew someone had changed their nationality?

If the police could investigate this thoroughly (expense no object) then we would get to the truth.

WV = aally. Like anally, but without the pleasure, allegedly

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