06 January, 2012


Another 4oz of flesh, if you please

You'd have thought that the ruling elite would be relieved at getting away with the show trial of Dobson and Norris, wouldn't you? Think of the consequences had the jury acquitted.

The White liberal elite and their grasping camp-followers in the racehustling industry have for the past 40-plus years been assiduously encouraging Black people in this country to view themselves as oppressed victims.

Last August we saw the most recent example of the consequences of this when Mark Duggan, a violent armed petty criminal was shot dead by police. The circumstances and justification for that shooting remain under investigation, but that didn't satisfy the local "community". One of their own had been killed by the Babylon System and so they marched to the police station to demand ... well, what exactly? Whatever it was, they didn't get it, and days of rioting, arson and extreme shopping followed across the country. Yes, most of that was criminal opportunism but the trigger lay in the death and the popular reaction to it.

Now look at the Stephen Lawrence murder. This unfortunate young man was killed in what in the scheme of things was an ordinary street attack, devastating for his parents but, to be brutally frank, of minor ongoing consequence or interest to the wider community. He had already been elevated to the status of martyr by opportunist busybodies when the New Labour regime, through the agency of the Macpherson inquiry, turned him almost incidentally into a secular saint. Whether or not Jack Straw actually set out to cynically use Macpherson as a tool to further the party's diversity agenda is neither here nor there. The impact on British society, its expectations and institutions has been startling, and in my view almost totally counterproductive.

And so the show trial of his killers had to be pursued at all costs, financial and judicial. So imagine what might have happened if that naughty jury had acquitted Dobson and Norris of sancticide and that expectant population of Black people, two generations of whom have been raised into a mentality of simmering entitled resentment, had been denied their prize.

But no, having got away with their stunt and having had their pound of flesh they want more. I must admit I was only vaguely aware of the populist nonsense that allows members of the public to demand the review of a sentence, but apparently this is now in hand

Stephen Lawrence murder sentences to be reviewed by attorney general

The crime for which Dobson and Norris were convicted took place in 1993, when both men were juveniles of 16 or 17. Whether you agree with it or not, this typically reduces the sentence. The crime of racially-aggravated or -motivated murder, which would serve to increase the sentence, did not exist in 1993. The judge, himself a member of the sentencing guidelines body and an expert on these matters, sentenced on that basis, according to the rules.

So if in principle any Tom, Rajiv or Winston can write in and demand the review of the sentence for a serious crime then this stuff must be going on all the time. Yet I don't recall reading of an example in the media. Publicizing this is another populist stunt, isn't it?

At least I hope it is: just a bit of desperate cock-waving to please the baying mob. For if they follow through and this does go to the court of appeal, and the tariffs for Dobson and Norris are increased to the current 2012 standard of 25 years, then our lords and masters will have achieved another judicial and democratic breakthrough: selective retrospective legislation by administration.

Come on guys, you want a lynching, don't you? Stop messing about, just bind Dobson and Norris hand and foot, tie them to the back bumper of a police carrier and drag them through the streets of Catford, Lewisham and Peckham for the delectation and retribution of da people.

I didn't think they would get an unbiased jury as you would have had to have been living on Mars not to hear about these guys being banged up. I just knew the cops would try to pin anything on them to teach them a lesson and as you say punish them for getting off the first time. I'm always a bit suspicious of tiny forensic evidence. Barry George springs to mind. The guy who allegedly shot Jill Dando. He had it pinned on him via a tiny grain of bunrt explosive powder. Now I wonder what they have kicking around a ballistics lab?

As if by magic :


Move along, nothing to see here...

Anonymous, I've followed the link and it does also say "all the items were sealed individually in paper evidence sacks". So I hope the evidence really was compelling and the convictions sound. It couldn't happen to less nice people.

On the other hand, it's interesting that the Righteous now require us to believe (a) Dobson and Norris got off the first time because of the Met's hopeless bungling and (b) the selfsame Met can be relied on to store evidence for 18 years and not contaminate it. I can't help thinking that Amanda Knox should count herself fortunate that it wasn't Stephen Lawrence's murder she was accused of.

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