05 September, 2011


Out of the mouths of babes and branch secretaries

From Socialist Worker's liveblog of Saturday's festivities in Tar Amlets (via GoV).

A number of trade unionists spoke to the protest. John McLoughlin, branch secretary of Tower Hamlets Unison, said, “We got rid of the BNP before and we won’t let the EDL get a foothold in Tower Hamlets.

“There is a lot of anger among working class people at the moment. The EDL want to exploit that and to turn people against each other. But in our union branch the most common name is Begum. Muslims are a key part of the trade union movement.”

(My emphasis)

They really don't understand, do they? Look, if there were a couple of women in your branch with the "surname" Begum, and they were decent folk who obeyed our laws and contributed to our society, then they would be welcome guests in our land, welcome to stay and prosper and even to put down roots. But if the most common "surname" among your members, let alone just among the female members, in your branch is Begum, then that is indicative of a process of colonization, of invasion.

No Sunshine, I'm not impressed and I really am not getting that happy warm vibrant multicultural buzz here. You treat the ongoing process of colonization as an achievement. Wanker.

"We got rid of the BNP before and we won’t let the EDL get a foothold in Tower Hamlets."

But we'll let Al-Qaida and Hamas and all the other murderous tribal gangs in, no problem.

All part of the plan: immigrants (bar a financially succesful few) can be relied on to vote Labour and swell the ranks of the Unions. Or, at least,to not vote Tory.

God knows why the Tories themselves are so supine over the immigration issue. If the demographics continue as predicted, they won't hold an urban constituency by 2050: electoral suicide. Unless the Tory partty can out-multiculti the Labour party, it's doomed. Short-termism and cheap nannies perhaps sugar the pill, as must cheap labour costs for their business chums.

F*ck 'em all.

"Muslims are a key part of the trade union movement."

And that's why the unions can FOAD.

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