05 September, 2011


On a minor point of pedantry

The Righteous appear to be setting great, nay enormous store by the "fact" that the EDL did not penetrate the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets last Saturday. (Richard Seymour, Nick Lowles among others). The symbolism of this seems to be very important to them in epitomizing the "defeat" of the EDL and the vindication of their ¡No pasarán! rallying cry.

Little Nicky Lowles even has a nice piccie of a City of London boundary post to ram the point home. (At a guess, Whitechapel High St at its junction with Mansell St, but don't quote me on that.)

Leaving aside minor incursions by small groups, it is true enough that the mass static demonstration was confined to Aldgate High Street in the City of London. The police line blocking the path of the EDL crowd stretched across the street about 20 metres west of the Tower Hamlets boundary.

So, er, no pasó then, eh, Comrades. Well, not quite. At the end of the demo, the EDL were escorted ... no, as this video and "Esmeralda's photo report clearly indicate ... the EDL marched, chanting, banners aloft, along the Minories, across Tower Bridge and into Tooley Street to board their dispersal buses.

One hates to mention this, but the big road junction at Tower Hill and the Tower Bridge northern approach road across which the massed EDL marched are firmly within the borough of Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets is so named because it includes the Tower of London, a royal palace which, as a matter of English political history, cannot be tolerated to be within the bounds of the semi-independent City of London.

So, on a point of pedantry, not wishing to rain on your parade and all that, the EDL not only marched in Tower Hamlets on Saturday, they marched right across it. No skin off my nose, but I expect it may be important to some people.

That is all. Feel free to resume your vital debate about the number of Huguenots that can dance on the tip of a Lascar's penis.

¡No pasarán! my arse. NFSE, more like.

Just a minor point but how many years did it take for the former Soviet Socialist Republic Of Tower Hamlets (CCPTh) to become the IRoTH and did their masters in the Kremlin notice?

Harry's Place had a story up condemning the UAF for it's cowardly attack on a female EDL supporter yesterday, which was very refreshing.

Can't link to it, as the site's down.

Probably under attack again.

Very curate's eggish, HP. Any site that is so loathed by Sunny Hundal, Richard Seymour and Andy Newman can't be all bad, and they are often moderately sensible on many topics. Provided of course you are careful not to say anything even mildly disobliging about anybody Jewish (Gilad Atzmon execpted of course) or about Israel. In which case they lose it quite spectacularly.

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