09 August, 2011


Riot of the day (Woolwich edition)

Yesterday afternoon I made an extra trip into beautiful vibrant, diverse, enriched downtown Woolwich to resupply my larder from Sainsbury's. In view of the weekend's events stocking up a tad seemed a wise precaution.

As is my custom on these occasions I popped into the Great Harry for a bottle or three of Poland's finest lager before making my way home.

I guess I won't be doing that for a while.


Interesting times.

Yikes! They burnt a pub in Barking too, albeit a disused one...

Edwin- the Sainsbury's in North Greenwich & Eltham have both shut up shop early today, as has pretty well the entire High Street at the latter location. As I write, Woolwich town centre is still closed to all buses so I assume the Sainsburys there is gesloten also.

Remember, Woolwich wasn't even the worst hit last night, considering the events in Croydon, Battersea et al.

Given the riot in the occupied territories of SE18 last night, and in particular the destruction of your favourite watering hole in Wellington St, the police response today, in shutting down large swathes of SE London, rather brings to mind images of bolting horses & stable doors.

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