13 July, 2011


Sauce, goose and gander - halal edition

The failure of attempts to at EU level to require the explicit labelling of halal and kosher meat as such went relatively unreported, thus facilitating the continuing dishonest and shoddy practice of subsidizing halal and kosher meat production by selling unacknowledged halal/kosher products into a mainstream market which will assume by default that the meat is slaughtered according to mainstream British standards.

The EU is now proposing to relax the restrictions on feeding bonemeal to livestock, which were introduced after the BSE episode. It will be permissible, for example, to feed chicken-derived protein to pigs and pig-derived protein to chickens. As the NFU wallah on this morning's Farming Today said (well, perhaps not in so many words), "Fair do's. Yer chicken is not yer natural vegetarian. It's a bleedin' flyin' dinosaur, innit."

A spokesman for the National Council for Islamic Victimhood was quoted on the programme as saying, (well, in almost as many words),"This is terrible. This is Islamophobic. We demand that chicken meat which has been fed pig bonemeal be clearly labelled as such."


When do we start feeding Soylent Green to pigs..?

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