23 July, 2011


Let the point scoring and opportunism commence

A friend who is inordinately keen on motor racing once told me that Formula One drivers sometimes get so excited during a race that they — if you'll pardon my momentary lurch into demotic vulgarity — that they cream their pants.

I have no idea whether there is any truth in this piece of tittle-tattle, but I can imagine that the reaction of some on the Righteous Left to the increasing likelihood that yesterday's car bombing in Oslo and the shootings on Utøya were the work of a blond blye-eyed "far-right" indigenous Norwegian will be not dissimilar.

A rambling post by Joseph W at Harry's Place, under the guise of a preliminary broad-brush attempt to analyse the motivations of the assumed perp, Anders Behring Breivik, casually throws in mentions of the BNP, and below-the-line commenters throw in the EDL with a dash of vDare to add flavour.

So then, perhaps I ought to open a book on it. How long before the first serious suggestions in the UK that the BNP, EDL and similar "far right" groupings should be banned because they are realistically likely to participate in or at the very least foment bombings and maybe even a shooting spree at the next Labour conference? Link
I mean, that Breivik geezer looks just a little bit Julian Assange, innit? And he was a rapist, innit? Well some jealous tart he was shagging said he was, so he must be, innit? So there you have it, comrade. All BNPers and EDLers are murderers and rapists and should be banged up. Obvious. Innit?

Going off at a tangent, you do have to wonder just how clever Google really is. The Independent's report on the incident naturally refers to the number of people left dead and also unidiomatically refers to people "diving into the sea" to escape the island (probably momentary confusion with the Norwegian word innsjø which means "lake"). Does this have anything to do with Google offering the following advert, I wonder.

As the poet Littlejohn is wont to say, you couldn't make it up.

How long before the first serious suggestions in the UK that the BNP, EDL and similar "far right" groupings should be banned

Already happening over at the Torygraph now.

Here's a flavour from "mikems", (which is presumably a shortform of 'mike mental socialist') :

Fascist violence is hardly new.

Oklahoma, David Copeland, Robert Cottage, etc, etc.

This person was associated with the EDL in this country. Perhaps a bit more attention should be paid to the terror threat from the far-right in this country. Perhaps also there should be a bit more restraint when it comes to demonising Muslims, leftists etc.

Ok, I can see why the left are insisting that 'more attention be paid to right wing fringe groups', but not why LESS should correspondingly be paid to the Islamist groups, or why we shouldnt therefore 'demonise' crazies who fly planes into buildings?

I have a feeling (or at least a hope) that the point scoring & opportunism you fear may be moderated by a number of factors ie
1. the sheer scale of the atrocities
2. the fact that the usual know-it-all talking heads in the MSM initially got this so wrong; plenty of well paid 'security correspondents' and 'risk analysts' are looking very silly today
3. the fact that Breivik's political outlook (insofar as it can be verified) was rather more nuanced than that enunciated by the stereotypical knuckle draggers so beloved by the left. As the house Shqip at Harry's Place, hasan prishtina, put it -'He was not a Nazi. He compared those he hated to the Nazis and was pro-Israel'.

"... the house Shqip, hasan prishtina ..."

Excellent. LOL, :-D, and such other Internetisms as may be appropriate.

"How long before the first serious suggestions in the UK that the BNP, EDL and similar "far right" groupings should be banned"

Translation: avert your gaze the crimes of a fellow traveller, worry about a hypothetical situation instead.

Pathetic stuff.

Fellow traveller? Eh, what?

I don't think I or anyone else is "averting their eyes" to the impact of this atrocity, or to the unspeakable nature of the crime of the individual who allegedly — I guess we must for the time being apply that caveat — is responsible. If that were the whole of the matter then we would all express our sympathy, pray to the God of our choice, and move on. Not out of callousness or indifference, but because there would simply be no further words that could usefully be added.

It is the political ramifications that continue to engage us. My view and my concern, expressed here, is that elements of the political Left will attempt to capitalize on Mr Breivik's alignment and associations to demonize so-called Far-Right elements in the UK and that, since the Left's is the received respectable mainstream opinion, they will succeed. I don't think this is helpful.

If Mr Breivik went off his chump, why did he do so?

Is it because he is just some random nutter, part of life's "shit happens" component? Said nutter is upset about the sudden "overwhelming influx" of "Darkies" into his formerly lilywhite country; said nutter concludes that governing Leftish party are to blame, are "race traitors" and acts against them. With awful results. Shit happens.

Or do we need to take an interest in the factors which drove him to this extreme recourse and the extent to which this reflected in the population at large?

There is nothing hypothetical about the potential undesirable outcome I describe. While the BNP is, for the time being at least, out of the frame, attempts are already being made to implicate and discredit the EDL. If a tide of Lefty triumphalism succeeds in suppressing (rather than genuinely addressing) indigenous disquiet, I don't think that's going to help us any. The shit will still hit the fan, only later on and more messily.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Didn't the IRA once murder innocent civilians on an almost daily basis for political reasons - and where are Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams today? Is there any real difference between their bloody work and that of Anders Behring Breivik? Wasn't Saint Nelson Mandela involved in the deaths of innocent civilians. Now just try to find a lefty ready to condemn any of the above as murderers. As always one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Political violence has always taken place and always will.

Again, another instance of 'don't look here, look over there'.

It's like what a PR firm would do on behalf of a client.

Only you're not getting paid, which makes you a fool as well.

Anon 11.33- how often do you let a 'fool' get under your skin to the extent that you feel you have to comment anonymously on said fools blog ?

When it comes to possible mental derangement, our host is definitely in the clear when compared to some of the 'anonymous' trolls on this thread.

Anders Behring Breivik, Nelson Mandela, Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams - peas in a pod...

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