31 July, 2011


A fairy tale for our times

Little Nicky Lowles put up a press release at HnH early last week about Breivik's supposed links to the EDL. Since Searchlight seems to be the British media's de facto definitive source on all matters "far-right", it appears to have formed the basis of much of the "evidence" presented in the mainstream media of UK "far right" complicity in the Breivik atrocity.

Let me see if I can understand how this process works.

Consider a hypothetical scenario. A UK blog with an interest in the Subcontinent, let's say for the sake of argument Pickled Politics, takes up the issue of female fœticide in India. The blog posts repeatedly on the subject, forms links with campaigners against the practice in India and ecourages sympathetic activism in the UK.

An anonymous commenter, posting shall we say under the moniker StarofIndia, begins to comment regularly on these posts. The comments ramble a bit, the commenter's position seems to be more generally anti-abortion rather than concentrating on the specific issue, but on the whole he/she is coherent, cogent and seems compatible with the views and aims of the blog and the other commenters. At one stage, he/she indicates their intention of visiting London in the near future and expresses interest in taking part in a proposed demonstration. A welcome is extended by the other Picklers.

Things go quiet for a while and then the news breaks of an atrocity in Delhi. A bomb attack takes place at a convention of obstetricians, killing many. The perpetrator is easily caught and is identified as one Ramjam Bagarit. Mr Bagarit, it is soon learned, is a convert to a particularly uncompromising strain of fundamentalist Christianity and is among other things an absolute hard-line pro-lifer, viscerally opposed to abortion under any circumstances. He has decided to address the problem by taking out those whom he sees as the facilitators and practitioners of this evil.

Assiduous, indeed frantic, digging by la meejah and by conspiracy nuts, grudge bearers and Faceache/Twatter vampires at large leads to the firm view that Ramjam and the former PP poster StarofIndia are one and the same nutter. Indeed, Ramjam's own ramblings in his "online book" Four Horsemen and an Apocalypse relate how valuable he found his exchanges with the Picklers among many, many other influences.

Your starter for ten is, should Sunny Hundal be tried for conspiracy to murder?

Or should the media stop behaving like rabid opportunistic arseholes?

"Or should the media stop behaving like rabid opportunistic arseholes?"

Might as well expect a pig to give up wallowing in filth...

"Or should the media stop behaving like rabid opportunistic arseholes?"

As someone who worked with journalists for a while I object most strongly to the word "the"

There does seem to be a sort of "inverted D notice" system whereby any press release issued by the almighty Searchlight must be published. This seems to be done with a certain relish, even by the likes of the Torygraph and the Mail.


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