03 July, 2011


Auntie who?

(I suppose that title only works properly if you read it in a Northern accent. But there you go.)

Mr Pavlov's Cat points us towards this Een Stannat piece and muses on news values in today's politicized MSM.

I must say I'm at least as concerned about the dismal standards of sub-editing in today's politicized MSM:

It really is about time the authorities got to grips with this anti-facism business.

Do anti-facists dislike faces per se? Which presumably means that they have to scrupulously avoid mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Or is it just selected faces they take exception to, as in "I just don't like the look of your face" as a prelude to lamping a random innocent stranger they meet in the street?

All together now: 'Don't these people have editors?'

Thanks for the link.

Have you never had a commenter call you a facist? I'm astonished. Try writing some nice things about Israel.

I've certainly been called a rascist. And if I'd known what that meant, I would have responded too.

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