18 June, 2011


The rape debate: an alternative perspective

I was going to comment eruditely on la Bindel's latest offering in her ongoing series All men are rapists and should be castrated at birth and on Ross's sterling efforts to inject some sense into the discussion, but having waded through several pages of the CiF comment thread, I have lost heart and am going down the pub where over a glass or two of finest Polish lager I will quietly contemplate the general inadvisability of making suggestive comments to the local Greenwich totty.

I will leave you instead with this shocking and instructive anecdote:-

It's harvest time, and Mrs Dormouse warns her daughter about the dangers of going out into the field when the men are cutting and gathering the crops. Young Miss Dormouse, replete with the self-assurance born of inexperience so characteristic of rebellious youth, pays no heed and, her fur nicely brushed and her bow neatly tied, sets forth in search of adventure. An hour later she's back, a pitiful sight indeed with her bedraggled fur, clumps of it torn out and looking very sorry for herself.

"What on Earth happened to you?" asks her concerned mother. Between her sobs, the young creature eventually replies, "I've been reaped!"

Moral: Ban combine harvesters now!


You are asking for a good threshing!



Ooh which Polish lager? I like Żywiec, although Okocim is my absolute favourite.

Julie Bindel is so stupid as to warp the very fabric of space and time around her. She is a black hole of misanthropic spite and vacuity.

Lech is my preferred tipple when visiting Wetherspoon's. Failing that Tyskie is acceptable, if a bit rougher.

I find Żywiec a little too sweet for my taste, but Okocim is another matter entirely. An excellent beer. It's a shame JDW decided to drop it.

I recall The Liberty Bounds, the Wetherspoon opposite the Tower of London, getting in a supply of Okocim Możne a few years ago. Now there was a sipping beer to savour.

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