19 April, 2011


Questions of the day

Q1. When you order a plate of buffalo wings, what do they do with the rest of the buffalo?

Q2. Given the remarkably small size of the wings, how do buffaloes ever manage to get airborne? I mean, have you ever seen a flying buffalo?

Jus' wondrin', thassall.

Q3 Whats a buffalo wing? /-:

Smaller than a Buffalo girl, scratch, scratch, Buffalo girl, scratch, scratch, scratch,
Buffalo girl........


Buffalo wings — in full, Buffalo chicken wings — is (or possibly are) a style of food featuring spiced chicken wings. They are popular in London's Canadian pub, the Maple Leaf, where Monday night was, and possibly still is, "wings night". The post was prompted by the fact that this delicacy is now on the menu down your local Wetherspoon.


The spam filter took exception to your comment for reasons best known to itself.

I think the spam filter has a perversely dirty mind, or at least a very strange algorithm. Mind you, this is only the second false positive in the past six months or so, which ain't that bad.

Ahhh. They do look quite tastey but I don't like chicken wings because of the skin.
Give me a good old chopped and reshaped dipper with tomato sauce. They taste great and annoy Jamie Oliver.

As to the original question, I hope I never see a buffalo in flight. It's bad enough when a seagull shits.

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