21 April, 2011


One step forward

From the Express


Thursday April 21,2011

Euro MPs shied away from labelling meat from ritually slaughtered animals as halal yesterday to avoid causing religious offence.

Members of the European Parliament’s food safety committee voted for clear labels so consumers can see whether animals were stunned or not before being slaughtered.

But the supermarket labels would simply say “meat from slaughter without stunning” rather than “halal”.

The proposals are expected to be opposed by national governments which are concerned that the issue is too controversial for EU food labelling rules.

British officials have indicated that the Government will not support the latest call.

Despite the dhimmitude, loosely paraphrased as "Don't upset the Muzzies or they will riot", this is not as bad as it seems. It is certainly more than I expected.

(The Jews don't like it either of course, but they will campaign against it and twist arms behind the scenes; there is a real danger, or at least a rational fear, that the Muslims will resort to violence.)

But the wording, if it gets through, will not be lost on those of the native population who are not entirely stupid. They will soon learn the subtext, and they will soon notice the extent of the problem. That can be capitalized upon.

If there is one thing above all that infuriates me about halal and shechita it is the extent to which its economic viability in the UK is dependent on deception: on selling it to unsuspecting kuffars/goyim. If it is honestly labelled, and the infidels continue to eat it, then fair enough.

I would have thought the bin bag fetishist scum bags would be overjoyed to know if something is "Cruelly, and savagely tortured to death" or not?

Haribo have no problem with their "halal" range of sweets, nor do thousands of "halal butchers" who appear only to happy to advertise their murdurous inclination.

So why all the fuss over super market meat?

The issue is the extent to which halal and kosher meat is sold without notification into the general market. This supports the viability of the halal/kosher sectors.

If we dhimmis/goyim catch on and take exception to the practice it could screw the market up. And New Zealand lamb could be in serious trouble too.

Giving the rising anti-Muslim sentiment, I'd say the probability of us native infidels "taking exception" is significant enough for the bastards to be worried.

I have a fool proof method that ensures no one can pass off halal/kosher as real meat, to me.

I eat only pork.

Just read that all the lamb in Waitrose is Halal! WTF?

I rarely buy meat from there but even so, if I did I'd like to know what I'm buying.

This is one EU regulation I'm certainly in favour of.

In the 80s, IIRC, Greenpeace and CWF, started a campaign against kosher meat.

Strange how they appear to finf halal not "worth the bother."

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