05 April, 2011



— Please come in, number 91, your time's up.
— 91? 91?
— Are you in difficulty, number 16?

Do they still have municipal boating lakes? I don't suppose they do.

Any clues as to what that was about?

Allow me: Municipal boating lake, boats hired. Boats had numbers on, were called in by loudhailer after however long they'd paid for.

Joke: one of them (no 91) is upside down!

Any more funnies you want explained?

Anon has the measure of it, RWG.

It was just an old joke that was passing through my head on its way somewhere, so I caught it and set it down here as a bit of light relief.

Things have been getting a bit too damned serious round here of late.

Warwick (England)still has a boathire business based in the park by the river Leam. It is a private business, but a municipal park. Do I win £5?

I have despatched one of my men with a freshly-ironed fiver. He is e'en now making his way up the Grand Union Canal on the official pedalo.

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