25 April, 2011


Here we go again

Our good friend Ketlan at Lancaster Unity offers this piccie as part of his ongoing effort to demonstrate conclusively that the EDL are actually an undercover detachment of Sturmabteilung dropped through a hole in the space time fabric to harry the Multiculture. (Wir fahren noch heute gegen Engeland!)

Seeing as wot I didn't exactly cover myself in glory the last time I wrote about published photographs of the EDL at play, I shall refrain from directly questioning its authenticity and await developments.

But I do have two questions, one general, one particular.

1. Why are the Far Left so completely obsessed with Hitler salutes as if they are of some vital significance? The next time I run into a gaggle of UAF, at a safe distance I hasten to add, I am going to have difficulty restraining the temptation to siegheil ironically at them while nonchalantly whistling the Horst Wessel Lied.

2. Just what is that flag that the geezer with the stiff arm is holding? No EDL-related flags come to mind, though to be fair I haven't done a thorough search. The only two national flags that would match seem to be Poland and the Czech Republic.

Just curious.

If the EDL'ers insist on making arm gestures, why don't they just adopt an admirable one -- the L-shaped forefinger and thumb combination which was used in the successful populist uprising in the Philippines?

The L could stand for liberty, or League, or 'Leave!', or Limey Liberation, or whatever the gesturer wishes, but it would not be confused with the Nazi salute (except by the BBC and The Guardian).

Perhaps he's hailing a taxi.

Certainly I make that gesture myself quite frequently, and quite often at Black men too, when signalling to a bus driver that I'd like him to stop and let me on.

I have taken the Brandenburg flag to many D.L rallies, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German (of course) Austrian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Met with the English, Australian and Scottish whilst at the Belgium defence league meeting. I have also seen pleanty of Brandenburg flags there.

So different flags are not uncommon. (ALL the listed countries have their own "defence leagues".)

And why should it NOT be members of the Polish defence league?

It looks odd. I reckon there's a bit of Photoshop at play here.


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