18 April, 2011


Easy Peasy

I was up in that there London yesterday. But I didn't join the crowds of spectators watching the marathon. I rarely watch the race in the flesh these days. I don't know if this makes any sense, but I tend to find the experience a bit overwhelming.

Not the elite runners, not even the club runners, but the spectacle of 35,000 ordinary people attempting to run 42km in one go, and largely succeeding. That's the distance from Heathrow to Gatwick, which is handy to know if you can't afford the transfer bus.

And when these ordinary Joes and Janes have nonchalantly trotted over the finishing line, do they collapse exhausted in a heap? No, most of them seem to stroll off with their mates to the nearest pub where they make a bloody nuisance of themselves.

Just think about that for a moment. That is well impressive.

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