25 April, 2011


Absolutely no MONA ambiguity here

Bloggers of an Unrighteous persuasion are for ever whingeing about the tantalizing coyness of the mainstream media about the ethnicity of those involved in perpetrating violent street attacks. As indeed about the reluctance of the police to speculate on a racial motivation underlying an attack, an important matter given that the law differentiates between racial and non-racial motivation. Well, I am pleased to note that this report from that paragon of balanced reporting, the Manchester Evening News exhibits no such reticence and is admirably forthright on all counts.

Some excerpts:

A man was hit in the head with a rock, punched, kicked, stamped on and attacked with a stick in a racist gang attack.

The 21-year-old suffered a deep cut to his head in the attack on Kesteven Road, Harpurhey. He was also racially abused.

The victim, who is from the Sudan, was walking home at about 4am on Saturday, April 23, when two white men asked for a cigarette.

When he offered them one, they hurled racist insults and punched him in the stomach.


The attackers are white and between 19 and 20 years old.


Detective Sergeant Shagufta Khan said: "Greater Manchester Police takes all reports of racial abuse, whether it be verbal or physical, extremely seriously.

"It is extremely sad that in this day and age people are motivated by racial hatred.

"Racism is something we all abhor and I want to stress we are doing all we can to find the culprits so they can be brought to justice for what they have done.

"Not only did they shout racist abuse, they took it further by using such a level of violence it is thankful the man did not suffer more serious injuries.

"The fact they were prepared to strike him in the head with a large stone shows not only are they racist, but they are dangerous and we need to catch them.

"I would appeal to anyone who witnessed what happened to call us."

(I have taken the liberty of emboldening at selected points.)

— "Any questions?"

— "Yes, Sergeant. Do you have a description of the attackers? Their ethnicity, for example? That doesn't seem entirely clear."

— "Sergeant? Could you just clarify one small point? I understand the victim is an African gentleman. Are you treating this as a racially motivated attack?

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