11 March, 2011


Out of the mouths of babes and fileservers

When I logged into my Linux server just now, it proffered, as usual, a fortune cookie,
Life may have no meaning — or, even worse, it may have a meaning of which I disapprove.
Yep, that just about sums it up. Off into the heart of the Occupied Territories for a resupply sortie to Sainsbugger's, I think. I wonder what today's conversion rate for the Naira is.

Either that or off down Greenwich and get quietly kale-eyed on cheap Polish lager. Ah, decisions, decisions.

Oh, and the CiF response to the evil alliance between Barnardo's and the UKBA is as batty as expected, though I have to say the Unrighteous are putting up a pretty spirited attack.

Ho hum.

Update (Saturday)

In the event I did both. I went down to Greenwich and imbibed a couple of bottles of Polish lager while taking the piss out of the local professional beggars and then moved on to Woolwich to buy provisions. I can't update you on the conversion rate for remittances to Nigeria unfortunately; the A-boards had all been taken in by the time I got to Thomas Street. I expect it's still somewhere round the NGN240=GBP1 mark.

I've just got round to reading the Wikipedia article on the fortune cookie program referred to above. I didn't know you had to opt into the 'rude' cookies with fortune -a or fortune -o. Bloody typical. I shall give it a whirl. (And perhaps add a few "There was a bishop, an imam and a rabbi" jokes to the database while I'm at it.)

Might be my faulty memory, but that thread looks to have been heavily filleted to leave Lefteous in the majority now.

Still,it's worth the effort just to upset the bastards.

That's the moderators doing what they think is their job again...

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