28 February, 2011


That just about sums it up

Commenter Joseph K writing at Harry's Place on Hate not Hope's newly released survey of identity politics and attitudes to immigration in the UK. Worth quoting in full, I think.

Six identity ‘tribes’ in modern British society. These are: Confident Multiculturalists (eight per cent of the population); Mainstream Liberals (16%); Identity Ambivalents (28%); Cultural Integrationists (24%); Latent Hostiles (10%); and Active Enmity (13%).

Let me translate:

Confident Multiculturalists (8% of the population):

That’s people who live in places that resemble the aptly named Whitehaven (pop circa 97% White English, 3% White “Other”). Think Billy Bragg of Burton Bradstock (minority population: one Asian car dealer) and you’ll recognise the type.

Mainstream Liberals (16%)

Those members of the moneyed metropolitan middle-class, whose wealth has given them the ability to live in urban enclaves surrounded by people like themselves, thus avoiding those parts of our cities that have been “culturally enriched” by mass immigration (But they’re not racist, oh no… they would live in such areas, but they only want the best for little Marcus and Sophie, who simply adore their wonderful [95% white middle-class intake] school.)

Cultural Integrationists (24%)

Saps who still hold out the belief that politicians are basically on their side, and therefore trust them to do what is best for the nation, rather than what is best for themselves. These are the people most likely to be fooled by bogus rhetoric about “clampdowns” and “putting the rights of British citizens first” and such nonsense. The kind of empty crap that Cameron promised in the last Election, that the Blair government used to spin out on a weekly basis, and which Brown tried, albeit more clumsily (natch). “British Jobs for British Workers” anybody?

Identity Ambivalents (28%)

People who have seen our politicians for the scheming, thieving, treacherous shitbags that they are, and have given up on politics altogether. People who might find an anti-political party, or a party that sets itself against the liberal orthodoxy slavishly followed by the three main parties, an attractive proposition. DANGEROUS PEOPLE therefore, who must be told how misguided they are, and made to feel bad about their beliefs, their feelings, and ultimately themselves.

Latent Hostiles (10%); and Active Enmity (13%).

Poor sods who lack the money to move to a nice white middle-class part of the city, and are stuck in neighbourhoods that have been “culturally enriched“, and economically impoverished, by the indifference of politicians committed to mass immigration policies (policies which have, of course, turned these areas into Labour strongholds). People who feel that they have no place in Britain, that they have been abandoned by [supposedly] their governments, and who will support parties like the BNP in the vain hope that they will make things better. Ordinary people most of them, the forgotten and despised of our nation. Thank God you’re not in their position.

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