13 February, 2011


Do I hear the sound of worms turning?

From everybody's favorite paper:
The Church of England has told its schools to ensure they are serving non-halal food after concerns that a number are only providing meat slaughtered according to Islamic law.

The official guidance was issued after Church members complained that the use of halal meat was effectively ‘spreading sharia law’ across Britain.

The Church’s financial arm has also come under pressure to withdraw its investments – worth millions of pounds – in supermarkets that do not clearly label halal food.


Had I seen this EDL message board thread earlier I would have half-inched its subtitle:

Pigs fly — CofE speaks out

On the subject of things of which you're unlikely to read condemnation in the guardian :


Dear, dear Yasmin has weighed in on that this morning.

Her article in the 'Indy' can be summed up as 'Hey! Jews do it too!'...


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