09 December, 2010


Oy veh!

(I will refrain from using the Yiddish interjection that first came to mind here.)

In an earlier post I wrote:
Incidentally, Sajjad tries to rope shechita into this bleat. Well I'm happy to be set right on this, but frankly I'm not convinced that stealth kosher is all that prevalent.
referring to Sajjad Karim MEP's claim that both halal and kosher meat sales in the UK were effectively subsidized by unwitting purchase by us kuffars/goyim.

If this piece in the JC is to be believed, it seems I was wrong,
Campaign group Shechita UK said the amendment was “discriminatory” and could cause kosher prices to rocket because buyers from the non-kosher market, which consumes 70 per cent of shechitah-slaughtered meat, might be put off by the labelling.
Once again, it's the self-righteous arrogance that gets to you. Subtext: if we tell the goyim that the meat is kosher they might reject it. OK, so we won't tell them. The goyim aren't real human beings anyway; they'll eat any old shit. So there's no harm done, eh?

Fuck 'em.

Not much shechita or halal pork in the market place...

But, aye, bastards one and all.

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